Top Nosh Caterers offers a unique Cooking Learning Experience

Entertainment cooking is perhaps the fastest growing fad within the culinary field today. These Top Notch cooking classes provide the real-world knowledge and proven techniques that allow you to not only to have fun, but also become a true expert in the kitchen.

Top Nosh offers you themed cooking classes and 6 lesson basic cooking course and 4 lesson advanced cooking courses which is truly an investment in your entertainment skills for yourself and your friends and family. In Kitchen Cooking Classes are an emerging trend that provides you the ability to share your knowledge and passion for food with others while showcasing your culinary skills in a fun and entertaining environment. The environment we provide is both Stylish and Elegant.

At Top-Nosh you can learn everything from the complete basics, cutting skills, inexpensive yet healthy dishes all the way through to advanced culinary skills and techniques.

About Top Nosh

Experience the joy of practical hands-on cooking! Learn cooking skills in the company of like minded individuals and couples.

Classes are limited to eight individuals at a time so you’ll never feel crowded. You will work in teams of two and have your own work station with ingredients, recipes, apron and equipment.

Please be aware that you will be involved in both the cooking and the eating of these delicious meal. Our aim is to teach & inspire your senses with our passion for food. Everything will be provided, you might just bring some wine if you desire to accompany your food.

Different cooking Courses:

6 lesson basic cooking course, 4 lesson advanced course (this course builds onto the basic course), 5 lesson Teenage Holiday cooking course, 4 lesson ABC vegetarian cooking course

We also offer personalized ABC yacht cooking courses/ classes to get you ready and prepared to work on a yacht and cater for an exclusive guests

Themed Cooking Classes

Come and join us for a fun filled interactive cooking experience with or without a partner for a 3 course meal or a themed lesson like Thai, Fine Dining, Sushi, Homemade Pasta, Vegetarian, All Around Chocolate, Basic Baking, Indian, Cape Malay, Vegan, Winter foods, Xmas baking and Much More…* please inquire about content of lessons*

Private or Corporate Dinner cooking Parties & Events

Tailor made classes for groups of 4-8 people. Bring Your friends along and have a fun filled evening, cooking to your heart’s delight.
You can choose your own menu, create your meal and then enjoy your self-made food in the company of your friends

Private Catering for Dinner Parties & Events

Personalized menus for different Occasions, from canape snacks, sit down Lunch/Dinners to  Buffets.
We also offer private chefing for people on holidays who require a private chef to cook special meals from breakfast to dinner during there stay in Cape Town.